The Army Kart Team

The Army Motorsport Kart team is one of the smaller and most exciting disciplines in the British Army Motorsport Association (BAMA) ranks, after being established midway through the 2011 season.

During its 6 year in the championship, the team has won two championships in 2012 and 2015 and have been within the top 4 of all teams every year. The Army team runs 3 endurance karts and 2 sprint karts in the Royal Air Force Motorsport Association (RAF MSA) inter-services championship. 

Team Management

Col Ian Gibson REME - Army Secretary Karting

Col Gibson works in the Army Headquarters in the Support area and is the Principal of Army Karting.

Capt Christopher Hall – Officer in Charge

Capt Hall is currently serving with 3 Armd CS Bn REME in Paderborn, Germany. His love for motorsport allowed him to establish the Lyneham Karting Club and has raced for the Army for 4 years. His aim of having multiple Regimental and Corps teams on the grid is up and coming and will help any new teams on establishing.

WO2 Graham Smith – Team Manager

WO2 Smith is a FTRS currently serving at 254 Med Regt, Cambridge. After being in the team for 4 years, WO2 Smith’s hard work and attention to detail as a driver has seen him promoted to Capt Hall’s number two for the 2018 season. Capt Hall and WO2 Smith work together on circuit to ensure the team operates at a high and professional standard.

Cpl Ben Todd – Chief Race Technician

Cpl Todd joined the team in 2011 and has driven and supported the team throughout. His experience and expertise will be vital in the teams attempt to win the championship trophy this year. Cpl Todd entered the British Army as a REME Aircraft Technician in 2009. These skills and his love for Motorsport is what attracted Ben to the Army Motorsport Karting Team.

The 2018 Army Team

Capt Christopher Hall 3 ACS Bn REME
Capt Lloyd Fountain 3 RSME
WO2 Graham Smith 254 Med Regt
Sgt Andrew Coates ARMCEN
Sgt Christopher Evans 17 P&M RLC
Sgt Ben Lockyer 8 Trg Bn REME
Cpl Ben Todd 7 Bn REME
Cpl Iain McEntevy ARTD
Bdr Adam Haines ARRC
Bdr Aaron Harvey 47 Regt RA
LCpl Ryan Bishop 27 RLC
LCpl Ryan Binns 29 EOD RLC
LCpl Mathew Clarke QRH
Cfn Grant McAllister 19 RA
Cfn Zac Allain 8 Trg Bn REME
Cfn Jasmin Norman 8 Trg Bn REME
Pte Jason Cole 17 P&M RLC
Mr Sean Long 

The 2019 drivers will be selected at the trials to be held at the end of 2018. See latest News (in the right column)


In 2018 the Army Motorsport Karting Team will aim to win the Inter-Services Karting Championship. Round dates and locations are below.

14/15 April 2018                        Llandow, South Wales

19/20 May 2018                         Lydd, Kent

09/10 June 2018                        Fulbeck, Lincolnshire

18/19 August 2018                    Rowrah, Cumbria 

15/16 September 2018              Glan y Gors, North wales

13/14 October 2018                   Larkhall, Lanarkshire