The Armed Forces Rally Team

The Armed Forces Rally Team was formed from the Army Rally Team whose origins go back to the BAMA Rally crews of the early 1960s.  The modern Team formed in 1996 as the LEX-ARMY Rally Team under the direction of Brig Carl Hewitt MBE and in 2005 changed to its current title to reflect the tri service nature of its membership.  


The AFRT compete in a variety of selected National and International rallies which are combined as the Armed Forces Rally championship.  These events are chosen to offer the crews the opportunity to compete on a variety of surfaces and under differing conditions which is designed to comprehensively test crew skills. The Team is made up from serving members of the Armed Forces and associated civil servants who are selected into management positions and competitive seats each year entirely on merit and on displayed commitment to the Team and the Sport.  The activity is recognised formally as an approved Army Sport and is controlled by the BAMA committee and by the Combined Services Sport Board (CSSB).  The Team is funded by Army Sport Control Board grants and formal sponsorship most of which is raised through Team Army.  Team members also make personal contributions to the activities and are expected to purchase some of the items of personal protection equipment.  The vehicles are owned by the MoD but are on long term loan to the Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd for the Team's exclusive use and have been civilian registered, taxed and insured by Millbrook on behalf of the Team.  All fuel, tyres, spares, repairs and routine maintenance are funded and managed by the Team and Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd. 


The following appointment structure is in place:

2017 Appointments:


Director:  Major (Ret'd) Alan Paramore MBE RLC
Deputy Director:  Lt Col James Sunderland RLC
Team Manager:  Major Clive Allford RLC
Team Captain: Sergeant Ben De-Ronde REME
Deputy Team Captain: SAC(T) Chris McCarthy RAF


Service Manager: Mr Ray Wilmott
Deputy Service Manager: Lance Corporal Robert Wood RLC
Quartermaster: Staff Sergeant Pete Beaumont RLC
Deputy Quartermaster: Corporal Shaun Law RLC
Assistant QM (Rally Equipment): Sergeant Blair Thompson RE
Deputy Asst QM (Rally Equipment): SAC(T) Andy Carter RAF
Assistant QM (Servicing Equipment): Corporal Gari Hazelby REME
Deputy Asst QM (Servicing Equipment): Sergeant Joe Lynch INF
Assistant QM (Vehicle Spares): Corporal Mark Robertson RLC
Deputy Asst QM (Vehicle Spares): Corporal Mark Fisher RLC
Assistant QM (Trailers): Corporal Tony Pope RAC
Deputy Asst QM (Trailers): Lance Corporal Robert Wood RLC


Webmaster: Lance Corporal Tyrone Westall RSigs
Deputy Webmaster: Captain Ashley Hobson RLC
Cameraman: Mr Malcolm Paramore


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Rally Enquiries

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Team Director – Major (Retd) Alan Paramore MBE RLC

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