About the British Army Motorsports Association.

The British Army Motoring Association (BAMA) was formed in 1960 following on from the Army Motorcycling which had been active since 1937.  Established to test crew’s navigation and driving skills on and off road, BAMA’s activities were designed to test all types of wheeled vehicles with 4 tonne vehicles competing against smaller utility platforms.  BAMA activities have flourished over the past 50 years, enjoying extensive participation from all service personnel across all theatres.

In the late 60s, BAMA ventured in the stage rallying with an invitation to the Scottish Rally.  Invited ostensibly to sweep up stranded cars, the Land Rovers were an instant hit.  Many stage miles were covered over the following 40 years with crews participating across Europe and Cyprus.  National and Internal events were undertaken, highlighting in participation in the UK round of World Rally Championship in the Lombard RAC later known as the Wales GB.

A name change in 2003 to the British Armed Forces Motoring Association (BAFMA) followed the push to embrace joint operations.  Recognised as military training, BAFMA was controlled by Defence School of Transport funded by a small annual budget.  In 2010 BAFMA lost its status as a training association resulting in the removal of funding and authority to use military assets. Reverting back to BAMA in late 2010, motorsports activities were formally recognised as an Army sport with authorisation for events coming via the Army Sports Control Board.

Previously isolated, the introduction of BAMA to Army sport has opened the door to all forms of motorsport that can be considered under the ASCB authorisation.  Furthermore, retired members of the Army are welcomed back and can now enjoy the benefits of competing alongside their serving colleagues.

Today, BAMA comprises of more motorsport disciplines than ever before in its long history and is undoubtedly the most diverse (British Motorsports Association Registered) Motor Club in Great Britain.  On the 4 wheeled side of the garage we have members competing in Karting, Trials, Navigation Rallying, Stage Rallying and Sports Car Racing.  Our Association members competing in 2 wheeled motorsport also represent the Army in practically all motorcycle disciplines such as Enduro, Trials, Adventure and Circuit/Road Racing.