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This discipline remains the biggest growth discipline in the British Army Motorsport Association.  The Team have strived to develop this exciting sport ever since its establishment and recognition by the Army Sports Control Board in 2011.  What started as a few members joining the Race Grid, has now leapt over 20 Army Race Drivers joining their fellow competitors from the RAF and Navy on the grid of the Armed Forces Race Challenge.  Click the link below to view the Teams various race cars.  Without the support of our many sponsors we would be unable to compete, the team remains forever grateful to the many companies that provide the much needed assistance.  Our sponsors our linked below.

The Race Cars                       The Sponsors

Sports Car Motor Racing Disciplines

Currently we have BAMA Members competing in many different disciplines and in a variety of machinery.  To date we have members competing in the following disciplines:


This is truly entry level motorsport with entry costs of approx £40 and the ability to use unmodified road legal car. Sprinting allows a driver to develop and test their talent against the clock. This also allows a competitor to get some experience before moving onto the race grid.

Sports Car Circuit Racing

This is racing in the Armed Forces Race Challenge alongside RAF and Navy competitors.  The Armed Forces Race Challenge is the main focus of the Race Car discipline and forms the core of the financial plan.  The entry costs alone are significant and estimated to be in the region of £1400 per person per season.  These fees are on top of the personal operating costs of running a race car; but will be subsidised to a percentage based on an individual’s rank, with the junior ranks offered the most financial support.  Parity and the balance of performance between all race cars is brought about by a number of handicap measures, but emphasis and award is based on lap time consistency over “first to the chequered flag”.  Further detail on the Armed Forces Race Challenge can be found on its own dedicated website here.

Endurance Racing

This is an extension of the Race Challenge with the entry fees included in the financial plan.  This will see an Army Racing Team, of up to 6 Cars in relay, competing in the Holly Birkett (Silverstone) 6 hour races and a single car being used in the Race for Remembrance (Anglesey) alongside, but against the RAF and Navy.  Entering an Army Racing Team into these two annual Endurance Races will be the pinnacle of this discipline and will lay the foundation for a future entry into longer endurance events.

The 2017 Season Preview

The 2016 Season proved once again that Army Race Cars lead the way in the Armed Forces Race Challenge.  The 2017 Season sees the Armed Forces Race grid return to some of the best known circuits in the UK.  The Army will be competing with more race drivers that ever before alongside our colleagues from the RAF and Navy.  Army Motorsport remains the dominant brand in the Tri-Service Race Paddock and this strength has led to a number of media/PR opportunities that have, in turn, increased the profile of Army Motorsport among potential sponsors.  This discipline still requires the highest personal contribution of all Army Motorsport by virtue of all the mandated equipment required to race.  The 2017 Season will continue to see all levels of racing detailed above continue to be developed and, where possible be funded.  The Team also intends to purchase a single race car dedicated to compete in Endurance events.  This ensures that the Sports Cars discipline can further meet the BAMA Mission of ‘Providing soldiers with the opportunity of getting involved in motorsport’.

How to get Involved!

The reality is that the Army Sports Control Board doesn’t have access to funding that would enable the formation of a British Army Formula 1 Team or even that of a British Touring Car Team.  Motorsport, as a rule, is an expensive sport regardless of discipline; it is therefore unlikely that any significant funding will ever be available for individuals to compete in a fleet of Army Motorsport owned cars.  In order to help offset the personal contribution, this motorsport discipline has worked hard to secure a number of discounts from various motorsport suppliers.  Further information can be requested by completing the contact form below.

The UK's Motorsport Authority, the United Kingdom Motor Sports Association (MSA) has a useful webpage that gives a good guide on how to get started in racing.  Also linked in the right column is GoMotorsport which was set up to provide a useful fast track guide into all areas of Motorsport whether as a competitor, volunteer or spectator.

Sports Car Enquiries

For more details please contact:

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