The 4x4 and navigation sub group aims to promote and organise a number of events each year in various locations around the country. The events will vary in style from road rallies on the public road system, using green lanes and MoD tracks, to single venue navigation events on closed MoD lands. The latter events will include gymkhana (driving tests) and Road taxed vehicle (RTV) trials. In all events the emphasis is on safe and skilled driving coupled with accurate navigation. All events are subject to the regulations of the National Governing Body (NGB), Motor Sport UK.

Championship Regulations & Guide

The championship for 2021 is open for registration.  The Regulations and registration forms can be found here: Army Navigation Rally Championship 2021.  A guide to BAMA navigation events can be accessed here.

Events Calendar 2021

Events Calendar 2021.  Details of events will be published as DIN on the Defence Intranet and as links to Dropbox on the BAMA Facebook page.



05 Jun 21 (Completed)
This event incorporates the Army Driving Championship.
DIN Ref: 2021DIN10-006
25 Sept 21(Date Change)
Saxon Express
A single venue, multi-phase test of driving and navigation.
ASRs here
IN Ref: 2021DIN10-004
23-24 Oct 21
Expression of Interest Form
(MODNet Only)
This is a demanding two day challenge featuring trials, orienteering, driving tests, a Highway Code test and navigation, on a wide range of surfaces.
DIN Ref: 2021DIN10-007
ASRs here
27-28 Nov 21
Autumn Leaves
A long standing night navigation rally run on the highways and byways of Hampshire and Wiltshire.
DIN Ref: 2021DIN10-021
ASRs here


The sponsor for this year's Mudmaster is GEMM 4X4 Ltd.  A link to the GEMM 4X4 Ltd website can be found here.

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Major Donald Urquhart - Navigation Sub-group Leader.

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